Bespoke Biking is a not for profit, social enterprise. We are a team of people who love cycling
and enjoy cycling around the area.  We are dedicated to helping people realise how easy and fun
cycling is, especially riding in a group. We have taught adults who have never ridden; we also have
a great team of mechanics ready to fix, service or repair your bike.

We also take donated bikes, refurbish them and find them new homes.

Interested in riding with us or helping us?
Let's talk! Phone 01962 441962, or email info@bespokebiking.com

Director Bespoke Biking CIC

Heather started Bespoke Biking back in 2012 as she saw an opportunity to help everyone cycle more.  She began doing lessons and led rides but quickly realised people wanted to have advice and help on maintaining their bikes.  She also realised that cyclists love to be sociable and that a cafe environment was a perfect place to meet up go on rides, and
how great to get your bike fixed at the same time.  So began the dream of a Bike Hub for 
Winchester.  Several years on and we have the main Bike Hub in town partnered with Open House Deli and the wonderful community Handlebar Cafe at St Catherine's Hill.  She still loves teaching kids and adults to ride and even
gets out riding 
sometimes.  Her favourite rides are out and around Easton.

Senior Mechanic

Lee has worked with BB since 2019, he loves fixing things, he has fixed eyes and glasses, cars and now bikes.  He loves sorting out bikes and getting them running smoothly.  His favourite ride is out around East Meon and Exton, its great for road and off road riding.  he loves both. 

He works for BB because he fells we share the same philosophy helping getting people out on bikes.  

Part Time Mechanic

Jim joined Bespoke Biking in 2019, after leaving the Armed Forces where he helped lead the his Corps Cycling Team to success.  He loves all disciplines of cycling, more recently the gravel scene and is quite competitive!  His favourite ride is Vanessa, his Titanium Road bike.  He works with Bespoke Biking because he believes every bike deserves a second chance and wants everyone to embrace the benefits of cycling whether young or old.

Phil has cycled nearly all his life.  He loves working on all kinds of bikes and helping all kinds of people.  He is a self confessed bike nerd, who loves finding out about all things cycling.

We run various maintenance lessons and short workshops so you can learn how to keep your own bike running. See our maintenance classes page.

Saturday Girl & More

Ella has worked with Bespoke Biking since we opened in The Brooks back in 2018.  She loves helping to keep customers rolling, fixing punctures, and helping with brake tunes and services.  She also loves being creative and regularly uses old parts to make clocks and keyring.  Ella rides her bike around town as its cheaper than the bus and she doesn't have to queue it's kinder to the environment and its fun.

Heroes and Heroines

We have a fantastic team of volunteers ranging from young people to retired. Volunteers work with us to help refurbish our donated bikes and they learn skills along the way.  Some do work experience, some do a couple of hours per week, some fortnightly, We are developing a bike mechanic academy to offer training and courses.  Watch this space.