During this time, we are offering appointments only for bike repairs and may have
to limit what we can do due to delays 
getting parts.  

If you need a puncture repair, you can just turn up on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday
and we will fit a new inner tube, while stocks last.

Please bear with us as we are exceptionally busy, trying to work safely and also source
parts for which there is a developing shortage.  

We will do all we can to help.

If you are a Key worker do let us know and we will endevour to help.  
We have a small grant from Cycling UK to help key workers who cycle.

Let our qualified and experienced team fix and repair your bike. 
We can fix, repair or replace your bike, or even help you  build a bike.

if your bike is new, high end, well used or neglected.  


Whether your bike is new, high end, well used or neglected, or has been sitting in the shed for a while, we'll do what we can to get you safely back on the road. We offer a range of service packages.  

PUNCTURE REPAIR £10 / £15 plus tube

We've been doing this since we were kids. Remove the old tube, thoroughly check
the tyre and fit a new tube.


So, your gear cable has just snapped or your brake pads have worn away.
Pop in a get just one thing fixed, brakes or gears or chain or cables.


An overall bike safety check and tune up of brakes and gears.

SERVICE £75 plus parts

Complete the Repair Booking Request Form and we'll let you know when you can bring your bike in and expect to get it back. Please bear in mind that at certain times of the year we get inundated with repairs up so please book ahead.


Custom builds, wheel builds and other services to order.


We run various maintenance lesson and short workshops so you can learn how to keep your own bike running. See our Maintenance Classes page.

There's usually a bike mechanic present at the Bike Hub at Open House Deli, 4a Middle Brook Street (Next door to Poundland).

We can often arrange to meet you to receive bikes for repair, contact us for more information.

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